Wednesdays, 7pm

Ages 12-18 

The Ignite Youth Group is an active and growing ministry for young people ages 12-18. The focus of this ministry is to help disciple young people in lifestyle evangelism. The theme of Ignite is "Where Young People Lift up Jesus". Today, it is vital that youth know how to be a living example of Jesus Christ and to be able to stand on God's Word no matter what the world or peer pressure may bring them. It is our firm belief that if young people can be shown and experience the unconditional love of God that a passion for God will begin to burn within them and they will want to share that love for God with others.

Teaching and training are conducted using exciting up-to-date Christian video and interactive teaching for youth.  Time for fellowship is planned to help the youth form stronger friendships and harmony.

If young people are searching for a group of friendly and caring youth that are interested in following Christ, then the Center Cross Ignite Youth Group is the group.  Come and visit on Wednesdays at 7pm.